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Hi! I am Timothy Dickinson.

I was born in the Yorkshire town of Keighley in 1947, two miles from the home of the Bronte sisters. My father was a mill worker and my mother cared for the home. I wanted for nothing and enjoyed a charmed childhood. I hated school and only excelled in art.

In 1964 I enrolled at Bradford Art College on an Advertising course. I was fascinated by the power of advertising, at the time ugly beetle shaped cars were selling in the millions and dried powdered foods, which needed water adding were being bought to replace roast beef dinners. Dashing down to London, I was soon working for leading advertising agencies. My ad campaigns involved selling the world’s most famous brands where I worked with talented people all worthy of note.

My childhood sweetheart and I were married in an isolated Baptist chapel on the moors above the village of Haworth. We had two sons who have done me proud, one a top musician the other an international product developer. Twenty six years later my second marriage was to a Moroccan girl. After a four day wedding in Casablanca, we spent 12 exhilarating years working in the Middle East with a home in North Africa. I used this time to tour Arabia and visit Asia; to see the world and to meet the people.

Now I live on the fringe of the Lake District; the most beautiful place on earth. I feed deer through my kitchen window and chase ducks out of my flowerbeds. At last I have peace.

The Ad Man… ‘A Moroccan Affair’ a story to experience.

A Book to Experience

The twelve years I worked in the Middle East was an experience way out of my comfort zone and I need to share it with you. It was exciting and scary at the same time. I was soon made aware of how different people are. Businessmen were ruthless, friends would use you and women did what they had to do to survive.

For me to survive I had to change my understanding of good and bad, question my values and reassess my trusting personality. I was so shocked that I kept a diary and around that I wrote a novel. The Ad Man…‘A Moroccan Affair’. It is not an autobiography, but a work of fiction flavoured by my experiences. The characters are based on the people with whom I lived and worked, but I have changed their roles.

The story is written in the first person and in the present tense. You read it as it happens and being involved in the action, you will question the decisions and face the consequences. The Ad man … A Moroccan Affair is more than a novel. It is a book to experience, an adventure story where you get to enjoy the excitement and also share the despair! The story is a great read, simple and bold as you would expect from a Yorkshire man. I pulled no punches and subdued no emotions.

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The second exciting novel in the AdMan series. Hold your breath and count to ten.

Tim Collinwood is determined to demonstrate his advertising creative prowess when a beautiful street girl offers him a good time. He is completely enamoured by her and decides she deserves a better life. He convinces her that by using a few advertising tricks; he can promote her to any position she chooses. So she lays down a challenge, ‘make me Prime Minister’ she laughs.

He creates a campaign, which unfortunately involves her with a drug syndicate at the top of government. She also reveals the uncouth habit of senior council officials and exposes the failings of a world charity working to prevent human trafficking.

Her path to the top is racked with danger. She is kidnapped by the Chinese Mafia and held for ransom aboard a Russian container ship. Tim Collinwood now in love with her is the only person who knows of her whereabouts, what can he do to convince MI6 of her desperate situation?

This is a real time revealing story, frightening and tense, definitely a trust no-one and go with your gut feeling tale. Does she make it to the top? There are many shock surprises all the way through, some heart breaking, others laughable and several beautiful, sincere moments. Tim Dickinson’s ability to capture the moment and the emotion maintains the suspense to the bitter end and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Available from Amazon as a paperback at £13.99 or Kindle E-book at £3.50 and all good book shops.

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