The Ad Man

The Ad Man… ‘A Moroccan Affair’ – A Story to Experience!

What is it all about?

Tim Collinwood is single and so, working as an advertising creative he’s free to enjoy all that Morocco has to offer during his vacation. The expense accounts, the opulence and the women. Then it happens. He gets the contract of his life. He just needs to create a PR campaign that will reassure Morocco that French business has her best interest at heart. The truth may be otherwise but creating the façade is what advertising is about. Perhaps Tim should have noticed that there are clues from the beginning as to how shady this job is, including to work under an assumed identity. However the secrecy becomes a side issue as something more important takes Tim’s concentration: death is definitely on the agenda, along with saving his kidnapped Moroccan PA from a life of prostitution.

Collinwood claims to be an ordinary guy outside his comfort zone but, lets face it, he’s not a nice bloke. He beds females with the slightest inclination, he’s selfish, self-serving, totally unengaging and discards women according to their horizontal innovation, yet when you get to know him, he will hook you completely.

In order to make Collinwood appear a goody he is employed by much darker characters. His political/ business bosses have a Machiavellian greed and their sister pimps on the side. Her number one client, the ambassador who appears to run the show has sadomasochistic habits. To be honest the Moroccan and French governments and their representatives get a bad press too as they bring in a skilled workforce forcing the local labour pool to do the menial tasks. It appears nothing has changed since Morocco was a French colony.

The plight of Morocco hangs in the balance, yet with all this distraction Collinwood is good at his job. His marketing skill and determination wins through in the end. As for who is good and what is bad is only revealed by reading to the end. There is plenty of action throughout the book as Tim travels to Hong Kong, Singapore, Cairo and Casablanca. There is suspense, disbelief, fulfilment and romance, yes romance. Be prepared to laugh and to cry, to be shocked and to learn what lengths people are prepared to go for power and wealth.

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