What are others saying about the Ad Man


“I was there through the good times and the bad.” – Doreen O’Brian

‘I have never read a book from cover to cover before, but when my husband stumbled on the Ad-Man and told me to read it, I literally couldn’t put it down, I read it in three days. The action started on page one and never stopped, the plot was also very easy to follow. I will definitely take reading up as a past time now and look forward to another book from this author’.

‘I have no interest in advertising but I have been to Morocco, is this why I bought the book? No, I liked the cover and I am glad I did. I found it frantic, fruity and funny. I could relate to the responsibility that Tim Collinwood was struggling with in his panic to save his assistant and complete his job at the same time. I can believe the author has personally experienced a similar tug of war. Well written, captivating and I loved the end, most unexpected.’


“A thriller with humour, quite unique.” – Lesley Duncan

‘I am an ex-pat and The Ad Man captures what we have to face working outside Britain. Anyone planning on working abroad especially in Africa or the Middle East this book is a must, Know what to expect before you go, I have several friends who came home early, terminating their contracts and losing a lot of money.’

‘I didn’t realise at first why I found this novel so exciting, then it dawned on me, I was there, I was in it, it is written in the present tense and the story was happening as I read it. I have never read a book in the present tense before, try it, it’s like watching a film in 3d. When the author doesn’t know what happens next it really adds another dimension to reading. Loved it.


“A totally new exciting reading experience” – Natalie Elise

‘I visited a friend in the lake district and she told me she had met Tim Dickinson the author. One day it rained so I picked up the Ad-Man. Is this guy an imaginative guru or is working outside Britain really as scary as this? Anyway I finished the book back home, you must read it, don’t wait for a wet day.’

‘Sex, romance, thrills, tension, suspense, bullying, threats, a realistic story with a tear jerking climax. The Ad Man is everything you want in a novel, an exciting read.’